Wolfgang Tux
Where the happy penguins live
You have reached a private domain,
so there probably isn't much for you
to see (unless, of course, if you know
some of the penguins personally).

The penguins welcome you ;-)

Currently available Penguin Services:
Main Site [IPv6/IPv4] [IPv6 only] [IPv4 only]
Hobbes [IPv6/IPv4] [IPv6 only] [IPv4 only]

IPv4 connection from to

Welcome! Speak, friend, and enter!

And now for something completely different: This Email Address is meant only for Spammers, which are capable of ipv6 connections. Whereas this one is for ipv4 capable spammers. All Connections will be counted and refused. A nice statistics page for this will follow :-)

Bitte sparen Sie Papier!

Vielen Dank für die Beachtung aller Sicherheitsmaßnahmen.